bedroom furniture

Suite of bedroom furniture made in different styles and made of both wood-base (MDF) and natural (solid wood and veneer - beech, alder, oak) materials.

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1.    "IZA" suite made of stained alder-wood. It is available in two versions - either with or without hand-made wrought elements of a bed-head and dressing table.

2.   "ROMAN" suite includes furniture of sober nature for every flat.

3.    "WANDA" suite is an example of a use of sliding doors, made by "Komandor" company, with traditional furnishings.

4.    "UTE"- a unique stylized bedroom. It can be seen in one of the hotels in Germany.

5.    Examples of cloakroom wardrobes.

6.    "HALINA" bedroom is an example of harmony between used in the production noble raw material such as oak wood and hand-made carved elements.