Among other things, our company specializes in arranging and producing elements of catering fitments for: 
·    restaurants, pubs,
·    cafés, tearooms. 
We also equip such public utilities as:
·    pensions, motels,
·    hotel receptions, registry offices,
·    banks. 
Our offer includes: furniture, facades, paneling, side boards for technological appliances, tables, chairs and lodges.

Below: (click a picture to enlarge)

1.   The latest product of MAKS Company.

2.    A bar with its fitments made of both natural (oak-wood) and synthetic raw products.

3.    A basement pub. A perfect harmony of raw products: beautiful wood-framed stained-glass elements, brass and natural leather.

4.    An English-style pub. Material - a stained oak-wood.

5.    A beer pub room made of a stained pinewood.

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